Welcome to the Kereru Learning Hub

The Kereru Learning Hub are housed in Rooms 1 & 2 (with Mr Stanton & Mrs Beaumont-Yee), Rooms 3 & 4 (with Mrs Hvid, Mrs Cutler) and Rooms 9 &10 (with Mrs Saunders & Ms Simpson).  Rooms 1 & 2 are the classes that all 5 year olds start in, Rooms 3 & 4 are Year 1/2 classes, Room 9 has Year 2/3 and Room 10 Year 3.


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Discovery Time

Discovery takes place in the Kereru Learning Hub.  Discovery Time at Pinehaven School is an opportunity for our Year 0-2 children to have some ‘hands on’ learning time. There are a variety of activities offered, from which the children self-select those which are of particular interest to them. Our Pinehaven School Values and the Key Competencies will often form the focus of our Discovery Time. A wide variety of contexts are used, with the children’s interests considered by teachers when planning.

Perceptual Motor Programme

PMP is a programme that supports the development of movement (balance, locomotion, fitness, hand eye co-ordination) and also perception (directionality, body image, spatial awareness, body control, rhythm).  In Term 2, all Year 0-2 children participate in PMP 3 times a week for 30 minutes.  Children rotate around activities aimed at developing movement and perception skills.  Children who have secured PMP skills experience greater success in developing early literacy and numeracy skills.  The equipment for this programme is shared amongst our cluster schools, and therefore is not available all year.  At other times of the year, teachers incorporate aspects of PMP into their class programmes.